Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

Canadian nurses like Emily Thomas work in public wellness clinics

Hospitals aren’t the only places you’ll find Canadian nurses. 

Harry Uppal

Harry Uppal

Canadian nurses like Harry Uppal work in hospitals in countries like the Phillippines.

Hospitals aren’t the only places you’ll find Canadian nurses. 

Jeff Martin

Jeff Martin

Canadian nurses like Jeff Martin work with low income families in cities like Faridabad, India

Hospitals aren’t the only places you’ll find Canadian nurses. 


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Jake Mossop

Frankly Speaking

Jake Mossop talks relationships and safe sex in his practice and on late-night TV. Initiating frank discussions is an integral part of Mossop’s practice at Toronto’s Sherbourne Health Centre. It might not be a traditional role for a nurse, but being a panellist on MTV’s 1 Girl 5 Gays was a way for Jake Mossop to reach out beyond his regular practice and deliver a message about safe sex to a wider audience.Read More


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Gina Browne

Looking at the whole picture

While working as a family therapist in southern Ontario in the late 1970s, Gina Browne made an observation that would change the focus of her life’s work. Read More


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Helen Boyd

Tapping Into her power

Much of the homelessness in British Columbia’s Comox Valley is hidden, says Helen Boyd: “You have to know where to look.” In its lush forests, nestled between the Strathcona mountain range and the sea, some hundred people live year round in dilapidated campers or tents. In its picturesque towns, young families stake out space in the living rooms of sympathetic friends for a night or two, then move on to the next temporary dwelling.Read More


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Sheila Early

Forensic nursing’s game changer

In 1992, Sheila Early was the nurse clinician in the emergency department at the Surrey Memorial Hospital in Surrey, B.C. One day, she was asked to investigate a complaint about the length of time a sexual assault victim had waited for care. As Early proceeded, she was surprised to discover that the sexual assault investigation process had remained virtually unchanged since the 1970s. “There was little recognition that violence and trauma are health-care issues.” Read More


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Cindy Cousins

Nursing and farming feed the soul of Cindy Cousins

“I’m passionate about nursing, and I’m really glad I’ve maintained my licence, even while raising my family and starting our farm,” Cousins says. “Nursing was the only career I thought of as a kid growing up in Pinette [a small town in eastern P.E.I.].” Read More


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Sherry Gionet

Elder care was in the cards

She was only 12 but understood that they both lived alone and had problems with alcohol. Neither seemed to have any family around — at least, none that they were on speaking terms with. But because her father, John Wilkins, invited them to his home in the rural outskirts of Saint John, N.B., to play crib and talk about old times. Read More


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Tracie Rislings

Empowered by technology

Tracie Risling knew her research into the effectiveness of technology in helping patients gain access to their health information was vital when one of the first participants in a pilot project told her a patient portal helped her detect her own cancer.Read More


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Tim Hague

The amazing racer

Tim Hague didn’t start cycling because he craved a lean and muscular physique. He wasn’t driven by the cardiovascular benefits or the improved aerobic capacity. His motivation was much simpler: he was broke and needed a way to get to nursing school. Read More


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Marion Rattray

It’s about living

Even before Marion Rattray was born, her life was shaped by the terrible grief of parents who had lost a child. After delivering a stillborn daughter, Rattray’s mother was not able to see or hold her first child, or grieve the baby’s death. Seeing the lifelong effect that loss had on her mother led to Rattray becoming a pediatric nurse and one of Canada’s pioneering nurse specialists in pediatric palliative care. Read More


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Lucie Lemelin

Lucie Lemelin | Promoting health, one strategy at a time

Working upstream to prevent health problems has always been Lucie Lemelin’s passion. It is what drove her to do a PhD in clinical science and explore ways to support parents’ efforts to teach their four-and five-year-olds to adopt healthy lifestyles to prevent obesity.Read More


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Brook Davis

The North is where I want to be

As a biology student at the University of Toronto, Davis signed on for summer jobs that would get her out of the city. She waitressed and tended bar at a fly-in fishing lodge and drove a truck as part of a support team for a cross-Canada cycle tour. Then, working as a canoe guide in Ontario’s Algonquin Park, she met Dustin, a fellow guide she’d later marry, and took a wilderness first responder course. Read More


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Sophie Pamak

Speaking her language

Agvituk, meaning “place of the whales,” is the Inuktitut name for Hopedale. This coastal town of just over 500 people is the legislative capital of the Inuit territory of Nunatsiavut, a vast area of pristine, wild space along the northern coast of Labrador. Read More